Coolblok modular shelving

Coolblok modular shelving

Coolblok is our range our fully modular shelving for food (hospitality), cooking or cleaning products of your professional kitchen which count on the CE marking and NF food hygiene certificate.

Available in four different standard dimensions (GN 1/1, GN 2/3, 15 and 19 inches), the selves are totally combinable together to achieve a set tailored to your needs.

In the hospitality industry most of the stock is very perishable. Every time a food item is spoiled in your kitchen your company is losing money, so it is very important to have Coolblok shelving for a hygienic storage of food items that facilitates stock management.

One Product, Several Uses

Coolblok is a storage solution for every type of products and professionals: catering, restaurants, clean rooms…

Functional Design

A simple and practical system with an attractive design and different colors available.

Easy Assembly

No need for tools, screws or skilled labor. Coolblok shelving system allows a really quick and easy assembly.

Purever UK Shelving Configuration

At Purever UK we offer our clients a way to check the specifications of the shelving they need before they purchase it.

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