Purever 15mm and 40mm Polyethylene doors are manufactured in the UK using the latest manufacturing technics combined with robust materials sourced from our trusted suppliers, to produce a hard wearing and long-lasting door system for positive applications.

 The range was developed to combine:

  • Aesthetics and quality
  • Ease of transport and assembly
  • Economical price and low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance

  Due to its practical conception in assembly and operation, it is specifically recommended for:

  • Warehouse premises
  • Distribution centres
  • Retail premises
  • Large Chilled areas


Purever UK – Product Features  

Semi-insulated door for separating work areas in different sectors at positive temperatures.

15mm or 40 mm thick with 40-45 kg/m3 polyurethane insulation.

Vision panel in tempered glass, mounted on EPDM profile with rounded corners.

Adjustable longitudinal wiper gasket mounted on the side opposite the hinges.


Purever frames adaptable to any panel thickness using a system of counter frames with side extension.

The aluminium finish is resistant to chemical products, avoids corrosion and ensures perfect cleaning and hygiene.


High quality hinges in grey composite and 90º blocking angle. Stainless steel screws and rotation axis.


RAL 1006 (white) with grey gasket to vision panel and around the perimeter of the door blade.


Purever UK – Product Options  


  • Polycarbonate vision panel as standard.
  • Black polyethylene bumper as standard.
  • Double black polyethylene bumper available.
  • Protection available: stainless steel, polyethylene or aluminium.
  • Hand plates available: stainless steel or aluminium