Purever High Speed Rapid Rise Automatic Doors are an innovative, safe and attractive Fabric Door which are suitable for both chilled and ambient environments.

Installed inside the factory or building, these are used to separate different work areas where there is heavy vehicle traffic and an intensive flow of goods. It is used in warehouses, logistics centres, supermarkets and in all kinds of production plants.

Curtain in high quality 1mm thick, 950g/m2 cotton re-enforced flexible PVC with optional clear vision panels.

Is self-extinguishing due to flame retardant additive and has UV treatment to help protect from sunlight.


  • Widths from 1200mm (w) to 4000mm (w)
  • Heights from 2200mm (h) to 4000mm (h)

The frame is an attractive design with an extruded, anodised or lacquered aluminum structure. The self-supporting structure is quick and easy to install, to either steelwork, brick or insulated panel walls.

The curtain is rolled up around an aluminum shaft, travelling over high quality bearings, with the aim of reducing wear and tear and increasing durability


Purever UK – Product Features  


GFA Geared motor with electro-brake operating at 400V/3ph supply.

Supplied cranking handle can be used in the event of power failure.


  • Wind rating: Class 2.
  • CE Mark in compliance with all the requirements of the European EN13241-1:2003 safety standard for preventing accidents and minimizing damage.
  • Emergency stops on both sides.
  • Active light curtain 2500mm high that stop the door from closing if a person or vehicle is detected



Purever UK – Product Options  

Opening Options

  • Radars Inside/Outside
  • Induction Loop Inside/Outside – Included: 100mts flexible cable 1 mm thickness
  • Pull Cord Inside/Outside Support and 5 mts cord included

Signal Options

  • Safety Light
  • Safety Light with Sound
  • Traffic lights


Download Pdf drawing below: 

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