Purever UK – ColdKit Isark overview

Coldkit Purever Isark Modular PU Walk In Coldroom is a competitively priced innovative modular coldroom which stands out from other traditional coldrooms.

It offers practical and professional solutions to meet conservation and storage needs in hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, shops and commercial/industrial premises.


 The Isark range was developed to combine:

  • Aesthetics and quality
  • Ease of transport and assembly
  • Economical price and low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance

Isark is ideal for small spaces, the perfect solution for refrigerated space requirements where refrigerators and cabinets are no longer enough.


Due to its practical conception in assembly and operation, it is specifically recommended for:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food outlets
  • Retail premises
  • Domestic use

Isark Coldroom – Product Features  


  • 92 sizes available: Widths from 970mm to 4570mm and Heights 2030mm/2230mm and 2400mm Left or Right Hand Hinged Door
  • Flexible Door Positioning
  • With or Without Flooring
  • With or Without Shelving
  • Mono-Block RivaCold or Remote Refrigeration or None


  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Panels join using tried and tested Cam-lock Systems
  • Joints to be sealed with Silicon (Provided)
  • Minimal Tools required
  • Drawings and Fitting Instructions included


  • CE, ISO9001, Euroclasses BS2do reaction to fire and NF Certifications
  • Floor certificated to Class 3 Anti-slip Certification
  • Hi density 85mm foam insulation panels CFC & HCFC Free
  • 12 month parts only warrenty
  • Heavy-duty handles & locks
  • Panels – made from galvanised steel with food safe coating
  • Floors – reinforced and made of synthetic resin


Joint System

The modules are joined together thanks to the junction of two metal catches with an anti-corrosion treatment, fitted in high resistance PVC Casing. Assembly is quick and easy, without the need to make cuts.


The panel and door assembly of the entire Isark range is manufactured the same way as the panels. The outer face is galvanised sheet steel lacquered in 0.5mm white similar to RAL 9002.

Between the two steel plates, a rigid polyurethane foam is injected with a 40+/-2kg/m3 density and an 85mm thickness, free from CFC and HCFCs.

During manufacture, reinforced plastic casings are fitted for assembly with the vertical and floor panels.

The joints are manufactured in extruded EPDM, and it is possible to replace them, should they deteriorate with time and use.

The hinges are composite (zero risk of corrosion) and the Fermod 421 closure has a lock and key opening system.

Floor Panels

Isark modular floor panels are made of polyurethane injected at high-pressure and free of CFC and HCFCs. The Isark standard floor panel is recommended for conventional service demands.

The interior covering is 10mm plywood (CTBX) coated with a brown non-slip phenolic resin. The material used is Finnish birch. The exterior finish in both cases is smooth galvanised sheet steel pre-lacquered in 25-micron polyester in white, reference 1006, 0,50mm thick with a protective polyethylene film.




Check out our download section for Brochure and Installation Instructions.

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