Purever UK – Product overview

Purever meat rail insulated doors have exceptional build quality, robust design and are competitively priced.

Hinged & Sliding Versions Available.

Chilled & Frozen Temperature Versions Available

They are the result of major research and a constantly evolving design effort which has created a world class product.

They offer practical and professional solutions to meet door requirement needs in retail and commercial/industrial premises.

The Purever door range was developed to combine:

  • Aesthetics and quality
  • Ease of transport and assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Longevity of furniture

Due to its practical conception in assembly and operation, it is specifically recommended for:

  • Butchery outlets
  • Estate game larders
  • Abattoirs
  • Industrial and commercial meat processing applications


Purever UK – Product Features  

Purever UK doors are manufactured to size, to suit customers exact requirements. the doors blades are manufactured using a PIR core, capped with silver anodised section, mounted on a silver anodised thermal broken wrap around frame section to suit various panel thickness.

Purever UK doors can be manufactured with various blade thickness ranging from 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm, depending on the temperature and customer specification. These doors can also be supplied with meat rails which are suitable for abattoirs and meat processing factories.

Purever UK – Product Options  

Chiller doors and frames

Threshold plates and blocks

Kick Plates and Blade protection

Strip Curtains

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